For every party booked, Happy Kinder Parties make a donation to Richard House, London’s first children’s hospice. We thereby hope to help them in their mission to improve the lives of children with life limiting conditions. The work they do at the hospice is invaluable to the many children and families that they help year round. If you too would like to make a donation then please click “donate here”.

Richard House, in Beckton, East London, offers young people with serious complex medical conditions not only a window of opportunity but also a door that is opened in welcome, walls in which to feel safe and well-cared for, and a whole extra family of support.

Offering specialist respite care to boys and girls with a wide range of life-limiting and life-threatening conditions, Richard House allows its young visitors to have a break away from home, to enjoy a change of scene and be dynamic, and to give their families a moment to relax as well. Through a committed team of trustees, staff and volunteers, the love that exudes from Richard House makes it far more than bricks, mortar and medicine. It is a home away from home.

Richard House’s core purpose is to stand beside families, to accompany them and create positive memories along their journey. The word hospice, for many, still equates with imminent death. We cannot emphasise enough that Richard House is a place where life-limited and life-threatened children can LIVE to their full potential for as long as their lives last.

The demands on families with such children – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – are extreme. Exuding love, compassion and nursing expertise, the care Richard House offers such families is priceless.