Peter Pan Party

Just like Peter Pan, at Happy Kinder Parties we never want to grow up! This is a great party for all those who love the world famous story of Peter pan. You can have your choice of Peter Pan, Tinkerbelle, or Captain Hook to come and run the party and make sure all the children have lots of fun in the fantastical world of Neverland. Crocodile Islands, Tink flutter chase, and Peter Pan corners, are some of our fun activities we can include. We also can include all the most popular activities we provide for example, balloon modelling, bubbles, magic, glitter tattoos, parachute games, dancing, prizes, themed competitions and traditional games, but make sure they fit in along the journey of the party and the theme of Peter Pan.*

Theme Song

“Never Smile at a Crocodile”

Theme Fact

There have been a few debates about how old Peter Pan actually is. The oldest he ever appears to be is thirteen years old. However, the novel states that he still has all of his baby teeth and according to the Little White Bird, his original appearance, he is only seven days old when his adventures begin!

*All our entertainers have a different style to how they entertain at a party/event, so if you like the sound of any particular activity from above, please put it in the “Special requests” section on the booking page so we can make sure it is included. Balloons, glitter tattoos, parachute, music, games, competitions, magic are all included as standard unless not required.

**If you would like a particular costume for your party/event, please look on our gallery page and write in the exact name of the costume on the “Entertainer costume” section on the booking page. We have duplicates of many of the characters so please be specific if you prefer one style over another. If there is no costume specified, we will select an appropriate costume for your party. We require at least 14 days’ notice for change of costume requirement. Please note, it may not be the entertainer shown in the costume photo that is your entertainer for your party/event. If you require a particular entertainer, please put their name in “Special requests” on the booking page.

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